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AS OF 19th March 2020 COVID -19 STATUS : ” DECLASSIFIED ”

Source : https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-infection-prevention-and-control/updates-to-the-infection-prevention-and-control-guidance-for-covid-19 The following is a direct copy of The Gov. UK website ; Here the Gov. gives its own version of the massive contradiction of all it says, as represented by the actual Directive of Declassification of alleged ‘COVID-19 ‘, which, the directive in effect declared and declares to this day, ” toContinue reading “AS OF 19th March 2020 COVID -19 STATUS : ” DECLASSIFIED ””

Questions to Boris Johnson

pennyfulton9@gmail.com has attached the following document : Questions for the Prime Minister Mr Johnson .Dear Mr Johnson I hope you might be able to spare the time to investigate and answer the vital matters and questions as enclosed in the attachment, in particular, since those responsible for providing such ‘checks and balances’ on the workings ofContinue reading “Questions to Boris Johnson”

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