Questions to Boris Johnson
 has attached the following document :

Questions for the Prime Minister Mr Johnson .Unknown profile photoDear Mr Johnson

I hope you might be able to spare the time to investigate and answer the vital matters and questions as enclosed in the attachment, in particular, since those responsible for providing such ‘checks and balances’ on the workings of Gov. as represented by the enclosed attachment, no matter by which estate, have not and are not even attempting to carry out .
Thanking you in anticipation of your reply .
Penny Fulton


Given the reasoning for ‘measures’ and ‘social distancing’ to have been issued by Gov.. as follows : 

1. The virus can live for 6hrs on cardboard ;

2 . The virus can live for 6 -9 days on glass, plastic and metal.

3. The virus is airborne and air lingering .

I declare the lawful right to choose to ignore Gov. diktat re : alleged ‘ COVID -19 ‘, whilst others who may choose to do so, are free to follow it, if they so wish : 

….UNLESS, I am provided by the Gov. ( Mr Johnson or his office ) with reasonable answers to the following questions : 

1. How can any goods, already contacted by various people, from air , clothing, breathing and handling, not already potentially have said  viruses living upon them ? 

2. Why are people going into shops, public transport etc.. ‘’one by one and more than 6ft apart ’’ …..if potential ’’ ‘viruses’ are airborne and air-lingering ‘’ in any case… ……supposedly, ‘’ less likely to inhale or exhale contaminated air ; brush clothing against a contaminated, post, shelf, seat etc ; hold onto contaminated safety handles ; whether it be 30 seconds later ; 3 minutes later or up to 6-9 days later .‘’ …. than if they do so all at once, at the exact same time ?

3. Why should people not be free to contact each other in person, even if they are, allegedly risking death, if they so choose …when this cannot possibly have any effect upon others, who may choose to isolate themselves by person, if they so wish? 

4  Given the points listed above as provided by the Gov. ‘ as reasoning ’ There can be no difference between direct contact by person or by indirect contact :

Eg through indoor : air,  drafts and air systems ; outdoor : by ” lingering air ” in winds , breezes, and traffic turbulence, by all of which, physical placement of person to person can make no difference whatsoever ; the home environment : from open windows and by goods and clothing being imported and exported therefrom….were such a ‘virus’ to be existent to spread that is..

5. ..By reason of logistical mathematics alone, the entire population had already, either directly or indirectly,  ‘close-contacted’ …any alleged ’’first person to enter the country’’ with the alleged ‘virus‘ by approx. ‘day 5‘ of the said ’’10 -15 day incubation period‘’ …had they not ?

6. Unless masks are air tight ( in which case the person suffocates in a few seconds ) wearing them : stops air from dissipating, and by contracting its escape route only acts to turn it into a concentrated, directional force, instead .


Where is the evidence that any form of mask whatsoever, is capable of filtering micro organisms, whilst at the same time allowing enough air to pass through, for the purposes of sustaining life ?

Accordingly, I claim the right :

 By  Common Law and by The Common Law Of The REQUIREMENT OF the  proof of REASON  as THE OVERRIDING OBJECTIVE  before any ” Alleged Laws ” can be enforceable…

…THE  RIGHT to freedom of movement and association. 

(Unless and until there be a specific declaration made by the UK Government of Martial Law by Declared Reason)  

 Furthermore I ask:  on whose ‘authority’ the Government is now acting? 

On March 19th 2020 the two Government Advisory Medical Science Expert Bodies on Pathogens : Public Health England, and The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens, declared : 

‘’As from 19th March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer to be considered a HCID in the UK. It was originally classified in January as a precautionary measure, when not much was known ; due to the LOW number of attributable cases and deaths since January, COVID-19 is no longer  classified as a HCID, as of 19th March 2020  onwards.’’……

…….The very date 19th March 2020, that the Government, contrary to expert advice, as it forgot to mention in it’s press releases, announced ‘the direct opposite of the Scientific Evidence,  to be the case’ : 

Vis : (approx.) ‘’ Due to the alarmingly LARGE  number of cases and deaths since January . We are now in ’Lockdown’ .‘’

Neither Government Medical Scientific Authority has changed its position since : so their advice and scientific evidence stands, to date.

Please name The ‘other‘  Scientific Authority, by which the Government has been acting and which appears to use contrary criteria for data and research, which the Government has chosen to quote instead of the foremost Experts on Pathogens in the UK? 

We, the public would also like to know please :

  • Have the necessary and required Control Experiments been carried out on material said to be COVID -19 ? 
  • Where are the results published of those Control Experiments, ie : which prove that any said material can produce the symptoms that the material is alleged to cause? We would like to see those publications please.
  • Why are we being shown CGI of an alleged ‘virus ‘ and not an actual alleged ‘ ISOLATED VIRUS‘ ? If it is existent, we would like to be shown it , please : not a cartoon representation of an alleged existentialism.
  • Why are we shown in addition,  a picture of a cell, (a cell, by definition,  is not ‘a virus‘ ) with (ordinary, healthy) bacteria attached to it ….as being ‘’an isolated (sic) virus‘’ ? Neither of the pictures we are being shown is of an actual ‘’isolated ‘’  living organism ….. which is the scientific definition of ‘a virus‘ as existential…

Considering that we are being ‘asked to participate in voluntary’  social and economic ruin… under threat of imprisonment for refusal.The above alleged, contradictory and evidentially unscientific, sound bites by media bombardment and repetition. are the only matters that are relevant and ought to be eminently questionable . Since these questions have never been and are not being asked through  ‘democratically responsible ’persons in both parliament and journalism …I ask them now .

Thanking you in anticipation of your reply .

‘Signed ‘

Penny Fulton


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