AS OF 19th March 2020 COVID -19 STATUS : ” DECLASSIFIED ”

Source :

The following is a direct copy of The Gov. UK website ; Here the Gov. gives its own version of the massive contradiction of all it says, as represented by the actual Directive of Declassification of alleged ‘COVID-19 ‘, which, the directive in effect declared and declares to this day, ” to be non-existential, as from the 19th March 2020 onwards. ”.

All ( my ) inserted comments are in italics and in brackets :

The Actual Directive is as quoted at the end of the copied Gov. version.

Anyone can look up the original directive for themselves, although I can no longer find it to provide a link here, myself.

However the doctored parts ( ie all of it ! ) are obvious in any case, by the contradictory nature of the narrative itself, sufficient to beg the question , ” why an officially non-existent ‘pathogen’ is being advertized /sold everywhere as being’ nevertheless existential ‘ , and without a single reference to the fundamental contradiction .

Status of COVID-19

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer *considered to be* a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK.

( The actual Directive says , ” COVID-19 is no longer classified as HCID .and is a world-wide , not ‘ a UK’ declassification. )

The *4 nations public health HCID * group made an interim recommendation

( *Why no capitals or proper title ? for the only body of medical science experts with the worldwide authority to both decide its own criteria for gathering data and to issue binding directives on world Gov.s accordingly, on all matters pathogenic* . )

in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on *consideration of the UK HCID criteria *

{ * The statement is false .The actual Directive says :

COVID-19 was classified in January 2020, as a matter of precaution because of the little known about it at the time.” …….. and does no mention ” UK or any other ‘criteria’ ”

Obviously if little is known , there can be no ”criteria ” to fulfil.* }

and the *disease* with information available during the early stages of the *outbreak.*

( *The words ‘disease’ and outbreak ‘ would obviously have been pre-emptive conclusions in January 2020 , when ” little was known .” Those terms are purely the Gov.s’ own invention .

The insertion of these words is absurd given the context of what is now known according to the directive it has just acknowledged as an accepted declassificationby which, the former possibility of a suspected ‘disease outbreak ‘ has already been positively and conclusively ruled out .

especially In view of it having been…… ”declassified because of the low number of CASES ( sic ! ) and deaths since January 2020 * ”

Now that more is known about COVID-19, * the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 *

( UK public health have no relevance, they are subordinate to the World expert body on Dangerous Pathogens* )

against the UK HCID criteria.

( * There is no HCID case , never mind ‘criteria ‘ ! * for UK public health bodies to ” review ” ).

They have determined that several features have now changed ;

in particular, more information is available about * mortality rates *

( *This version deletes the word ”CASES” from existence and substitutes it, with its very own flight of fantasy, ‘ mortality rates ‘ * )

(low overall )………..

( Gov. brackets, not mine . No one else has mentioned ‘ overall ‘ anything.

…… and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

(* It’s implied that this de-classification is somehow ‘conditional’ eg . upon testing etc /could be reversed in the future ‘ ….former COVID -19 no longer exists ….It has been classified as a NON-infectious condition.There can be no ‘test ‘ for what is already proven not to exist ! )

*The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP)* is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should be ..” no longer classified as HCID”

( * The Four Nations Group of World Experts on Dangerous Pathogens’ decisions are binding on Gov.s. No Internal Advisory bodies have any say in the matter of official classifications of alleged pathogens .* )

The UK Gov. site is trying to give the false impression that ‘Classification ‘ is a matter of ‘opinion ‘, instead of being evidence based only .The Four Nations Group of World Experts on Dangerous Pathogens, alone, have the authority to decide both the criteria for gathering data and accordingly whether or not any given set of symptoms, suspected of being pathogenic in origin, are, or are not, pathogenic as a matter of fact .

This is the quote of the actual directive as it is stated and in its totality :

” As of 19th March 2020 onwards , COVID-19 is no longer classified as HCID, because of the low number of cases and deaths since it was classified as a matter of precaution in January 2020, because of the little known at the time .”

The Gov. for their own political agenda purposes, obviously, have tried to pretend that the declassification refers to the ‘ High Consequence ‘ part of HCID and that the ‘Infectious Disease’ part. ” is a taken-for-granted, ‘given, that still stands’ .

But ‘given’ that the declassification declared ”only reason” and as remains so to date, is ” LOW NUMBER OF CASES ” ( in absolute contradiction of the otherwise unattributable statistics by media briefings …and massive sensationalism and bombardment of advertising …. all in total contradiction of the ACCEPTED facts …..) The Gov.s sleight of hand isn’t even remotely possible .

The very existence of the complete taboo, with which this glaring contradiction is being treated by all ……ought to be the most alarming aspect, aside from perhaps not having the time to establish the facts as above, let alone their implications ; quite why the vast majority of people appear not to even bother to think through or question the absurd illogicality of what we are being told to do, versus the information given, as to the nature of the alleged ‘ virus ‘, and how this elaborate game of ‘ Simon Says ‘ would make one iota of difference were the said ‘ virus ‘ / bogey man to exist as described, in any case, is beyond reasoning .

A couple of other considerations ….


Which is, namely : ‘ Classified ‘ .

IE . Unless a named pathology ‘IS Classified ‘, it is, by default : ”NOT A VIRUS ”;

Examples of unattributed and unattributable .. announcements ( by definition : fiction ) :

” Scientists say …… that etc ….

”Statistics show ……that etc .

”Doctors/ Nurses say ……..that etc

”Gov. sources say……. that etc

”Hospitals say…….that etc .

”The Ambulance (/etc.) Service / RCN /any other’ body’ says ………..that etc …..

and the more recent …..

UCL.say …… that etc .” ; ” Porton Down says…….that etc.

Abstracts and Buildings cannot ”speak” / ”say ” ….

…… unless ”the saying” is attributed to a named spokesperson on behalf of any particular organization or body, the body or institution is not legally accountable for allowing its name to be used. Without a named spokesperson, whatever is attributed to a body or institution is, if the need arises later, deniable ”hearsay” .

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